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Rick Seitz

Rick Seitz is the owner and founder of GMEFI Magazine, and has a true love and passion for all vehicles. When he isn’t tuning, testing, or competing with the brand’s current crop of project vehicles, he’s busy tinkering and planning the next modifications for his own cars.

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  1. David 8 April, 2017 at 05:50 Reply

    1987 442 is my favorite this guy I no order a 87 Grand national I was a lot younger then him well long story short we go to his house and he had the book for the 442 and u no well he was getting ready to order the 442 and his friend said wait. And showed him the book for u no he did not no about the torbo and how fast it was well he got it and toke me for arise I was in the back and the torbo KIT in it scares me to death I thought my butt was going to go through the seat and hit the road WOW so years later I was looking to get one and he came to a party I was at and the car looked bad and he told me not to get one but to get the 442 he said he could not help going through tires and turbo’s so I got the 442 and only had it 6 months don’t ask I was a idiot well I just got some money and I’m getting one

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