SEMA 2017: McLeod Racing Introduces Steel Pilot Tool For Clutch Installations


Installing a new clutch isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, even we’ll acknowledge that. But even still, there are things out there that can make your life easier, including this new pilot tool from McLeod Racing.

Official Release:

McLeod Racing Introduces Steel Pilot Tool For Clutch Installations

October 30th, 2017 (ANAHEIM, CA) McLeod Racing is excited to announce a steel pilot tool for the ease of clutch installations. This tool is made for a more precise alignment. The steel pilot tool will benefit installers because it will give a more precise alignment during install. It will prevent disc sagging as the pressure plate is torqued down to the flywheel.

The tool will also be an excellent addition to any shop’s toolbox. The steel pilot tools will be available for most McLeod Racing units.

“The shops asked and we listened,” says McLeod Racing’s President, Paul Lee. “The shops wanted a reusable tool that was application specific to provide a more accurate and precise installation of our McLeod clutch units. This steel pilot tool will be available for most of the applications so it eliminates the margin for error.”

The steel pilot tools are available now for purchase.


  • Prevents disc sagging
  • Give a more precise alignment during install

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