Hawks Motorsports Now Carrying COMP LS Gear Drive Timing Set


Making big power means that you have to be on top of the timing system of your LS. Today’s LS engines are reaching into mind-blowing horsepower numbers, and the stock timing sets are not meant for those who are looking for globs of power. The best option for your high-horsepower build is the COMP Cams LS Gear Timing Set, and you can now find that at Hawks Motorsports.


Built in the USA, this timing gear set offers precisely accurate valve timing. It is made to eliminate chain flutter and backlash, and will not stretch like the stock sets are known for doing under high-horsepower applications or after the miles get racked up. Learn more about these from the official Hawks Motorsports release below.

Official Release:

Comp Cams GM LS Gear Drive Timing Set (Standard GM Blocks)

These gear drive timing sets are specifically designed for LS engines used in racing, street, marine and extreme applications. They provide the most accurate valve timing possible by eliminating chain flutter and backlash.

They bolt on without modification, maintaining the stock oil pump and timing cover for all LS-based engines except dry sump models. Dry sump engines (LS7, LS9, etc.) require an external oil pump.

These are the world’s only gear drives for LS engines and are based on the award-winning COMP Cams® LS Sprint Car Gear Drive. LS Gear Drive Timing Sets are designed for three-bolt cams and work with all 24x and 58x LS engines.


  • Street/Strip COMP Cam Timing Sets for LS at Hawks
  • Eliminates Chain Flutter and Backlash
  • Bolt-On Application/No Modification Needed for Use

Elizabeth Puckett is a seasoned writer and hardcore gearhead. She was born with motor oil in her blood and a passion for everything that goes fast, especially if it’s also loud and smells of race gas. When her own LS build doesn’t consume her time, she is happy to go visit local performance shops, or do research on interesting industry news.

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